A Remarkable American Elm

Tree Information
Common Name: American Elm
Scientific name: Ulmus americana
Category: Other
Notes: This tree is the first generation of the Oklahoma City (OKC) Survivor Tree. I was a witness at the trials and was invited to the dedication of the OKC memorial. Those who had attended this event were given saplings of the Survivor Tree. At the time of the bombing the Oklahoma authorities thought the survivor tree may die and harvested the seeds. I attended the memorial event and received two saplings. One grows in the yard at 704 Power Dam Road and the other I planted with the help of Bud Welch (who lost his daughter in the bombing) at an event of "Rage and Reconciliation at the Muhlenberg Lutheran Church located at 281 East Market Street. When the event ended, Pastor Joe Voight, Bud Welch and myself (Greg Pfaff) planted this tree in the church's yard. Today that very Tree offers shade and a comforting area that the children of the church's day care play under.
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Greg Pfaff
Location of Tree
County/City: Rockingham / Harrisonburg
Name of tree owner: Muhlenberg Lutheran Church
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