A Remarkable live oak

Tree Information
Common Name: live oak
Scientific name: Quercus virginiana
Category: Old tree
Notes: 1023 North Shore Road, Norfolk has the OLDEST TREE in Tidewater Virginia at approx. 1,200 yrs. This live oak was bored and tested prior to 1958 when my parents bought the Lafayette River waterfront, 1.76 acres. The previous owner, now deceased, J. B. White, had the tree researched. It is strengthened by wires, but lost one of its main branches about 30 yrs. ago. Tidewater's foremost tree authority (I cannnot recall his name right now but can get it if important) saw the tree about three years ago and was stunned, so much so that he returned a week later with another expert and spent a lot of time looking over the tree. We also have in the yard near this tree another Live Oak of exceptional symmetry and beauty. It is also ancient. In fact, the name of the property on the Norfolk City books for almost 100 years has been "Live Oak". The yard has probably the most beautiful and exceptional live oaks perhaps in Tidewater.
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Nominator: Charles Davis
Location of Tree
County/City: Norfolk
Name of tree owner: Charles Davis
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