A Remarkable chestnut oak

Tree Information
Common Name: chestnut oak
Scientific name: Quercus montana
Category: Champion (big) tree
Notes: This tree is a national co-champion (largest of its kind in the U.S.) in 2013, with 407 total points. It is located at Battery Kemble Park (one of the Civil War Defenses of Washington) and was probably cut as a fairly large tree during the Civil War to allow unobstructed cannon fire from Battery Kemble. Chestnut Oak was the dominant tree of the forested heights at most of the Civil War fortifications of D.C. and vicinity, which were typically cut at about 5 above the ground. It readily re-sprouts from stump cuts and can easily live for centuries. Pictured with the tree are Greg Zell and David Garcia
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Rod Simmons
Location of Tree
County/City: Washington, D.C.
Name of tree owner: National Park Service
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