A Remarkable weeping willow

Tree Information
Common Name: weeping willow
Scientific name: Salix babylonica
Category: Champion (big) tree
Notes: This is an exemplary Remarkable Tree that has revealed its history in front of many passers-by, for it stands next to a busy road in Lynchburg, Virginia. I noticed this majestic tree when I moved to Lynchburg in 1991. Since that time, I have seen it transform through the seasons, lose great limbs from ice storms and witnessed a hawk devouring its prey under the great trunk. Nowadays, its heavy lower limbs are propped up by homemade wooden posts, as if someone's gentle care offered this tree dignity. I recently learned it stands on the property owned by an elderly gentleman; Charles Walker, who is, like his tree, well rooted in his community. I am sure his stories of this mighty tree is far more colorful than mine in passing by. Measuring 15.8 ft. in circumference, the tree was nominated as a heritage tree by the Lynchburg Tree Stewards in 2005.
Best time to photograph: spring, summer, fall
Nominator: Kathie Driscoll
Location of Tree
County/City: Lynchburg
Name of tree owner: C.F. Walker
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