A Remarkable saucer magnolia

Tree Information
Common Name: saucer magnolia
Scientific name: Magnolia soulangeana
Category: Historic tree
Notes: The TREE OF LIBERTY has a varied and historical past. Located on the Grounds of the University of Virginia, it is rumoured to be the rendezvous for the SONS OF LIBERTY (A Univerfity Secret Society) when they find themselves in pursuit by TYRANTS and REDCOATS. On the occaisional wind-swept night, a lone man dressed in colonial garb will stand watch at the TREE, ensuring its protection against attack. It is the holiest site for the SONS OF LIBERTY at the University and would make a fitting addition to the Remarkable Trees project.
Best time to photograph: Fall, Sunset
Nominator: Eric Cunningham
Location of Tree
County/City: Charlottesville
Name of tree owner: The University of Virginia
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