A Remarkable alder

Tree Information
Common Name: alder
Scientific name: Alnus rubra
Category: Unique tree
Notes: In Abingdon, Virginia, to left of bridge at very beginning of Virginia Creeper Trail as you start out for Damascus, Virginia, there is an enormous alder. I think of this tree as a smaller tree usually growing on a stream bank that eventually erodes and so goes the tree. Somehow, this tree has survived the stream's obvious fluctuations to have a huge trunk, and its usual sprawling branches over the small streamand reaching the bridge railing. Its setting, at the beginning of the wonderful Virginia Creeper Trail seems like a great send-off from the people of Abingdon for the rest of your trip along this friendly trail.
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Best time to photograph: Noontime? Shady spot. sorry only had bad cellphone photo..
Nominator: Rebecca F. Samawicz
Location of Tree
County/City: Washington
Name of tree owner: ? City? County? State?
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