A Remarkable American elm

Tree Information
Common Name: American elm
Scientific name: Ulmus americana
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: This magnificent survivor of Dutch elm disease with a caliper of 51",a circumferance of almost 14 feet, and a crown of apx.120 feet is a beauty admired by GCV guests during garden week, by Master Gardener groups as well as by the Garden Conservancy. There were three elms originally in our garden. When the closest tree contracted the dreaded disease, my husband contracted a professional arborist to remove the diseased tree. A trench was cut to separate the roots between trees and the remaining tree has now survived in good health for more than 35 years since. This is a champion,a survivor, and a recognized community tree.
Best time to photograph: any time..I'm having difficulty uploading pictures I have taken.
Nominator: A.E. Dick Howard
Location of Tree
County/City: Charlottesville
Name of tree owner: A.E.Dick Howard and Mary A.R.Howard
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