A Remarkable hackberry

Tree Information
Common Name: hackberry
Scientific name: Celtis occidentalis
Category: Other
Notes: The Newport News "Charter Elm" grew on the grounds of McIntosh Elementary School, was brought down by Hurricane Isabel, and a new tree is now growing in its place. The school is located on the site of the Miles Cary Plantation, named for a prominent 17th-century Virginian and his wife, who were buried under the tree. It is depicted on the seal of the city of Newport News. It was under this tree that Warwick County court was held. While the school was being built, Dr. Billy Williams, Jr., the principal, had to literally sit on the gravesite to halt work. He successfully defended the site, and the resulting archeological dig revealed artifacts that have been preserved. Because of this discovery, the school was redesigned to be built closer to Richneck Road. Dr. Williams was hired by George J. McIntosh, for whom the school is named.
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Nominator: Linda White
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County/City: Newport News
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