A Remarkable common apple

Tree Information
Common Name: common apple
Scientific name: Malus pumila
Category: Other
Notes: This is a legendary apple tree, very large, and very different from todays dwarf varieties. It was, I believe, a York. I have been told that it produced about 50 bushels of apples in one season. There is a picture of it in one of the annual proceedings (yearbook) of the Virginia Horticulture Society. The year of publication would be in the early part of the 20th century---sometime between 1910 and 1935, I think. The Handley Regional Library Archives holds a complete set of these annuals. I think they are also available at the Alson Smith Research Station on Laurel Grove Road in Frederick County, VA. Virginia Tech would also have a set, presumably.
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Nominator: Bill Huehn
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County/City: Frederick
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