A Remarkable deodar cedar

Tree Information
Common Name: deodar cedar
Scientific name: Cedrus deodara
Category: Old tree
Notes: Our home was built in April of 1938 by Marcellus and Son Architects for Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Wright. Our beautiful Deodar Cedar towers over our home. It`s arms reach out of the ground to form what resembles a "Cradling Hand" reaching up towards the sky. I`m no tree expert, but I would imagine that the tree is older than our home`s 70 years. It`s strong, thick, sturdy frame, casts a dominating shadow on our Varina home. It also provides the occasional play place for our 4 children. It yields strange, yet beautiful cones, which are sometimes lime green to a white-ish color. We are awestuck thinking that this giant was once a seed.
Best time to photograph: Spring, Summer/Noon to early afternoon
Nominator: John and Rebecca Futrell
Location of Tree
County/City: Henrico
Name of tree owner: John and Rebecca Futrell
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deodar cedar Identification


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