A Remarkable tulip-poplar

Tree Information
Common Name: tulip-poplar
Scientific name: Liriodendron tulipifera
Category: Community tree
Notes: We call these trees the 3 sisters - 2 are tulip poplars and 1 is an ash. They grow in Frady Park where we hold our Arbor Day event each year. Arbor Day began in Falls Church in 1892 when Dr. Birdsey G. Northrop of Connecticut proposed to the Village Improvement Society that they inaugurate an Arbor Day in April, to replace trees that had been destroyed by a recent storm. The first celebration was held at a public schoolyard (now Frady Park) and children planted the trees. It is the earliest known Arbor Day celebration in Virginia. To this day, trees are planted on all of our public school grounds on the third Friday of April and a public celebration is held at the original site on the following Saturday afternoon.
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Jill-Anne Spence
Location of Tree
County/City: Falls Church
Name of tree owner: Falls Church
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