A Remarkable butternut

Tree Information
Common Name: butternut
Scientific name: Juglans cinerea
Category: Unique tree
Notes: Butternut is a remarkable and valuable nut tree that is endangered by a fungus that is killing trees throughout its range. Our tree is the second one to grow in its exact place; the old one died about 25 years ago and this one sprouted in its place. I fondly cherish the memories of sitting under the tree as a little boy with dad, cracking open butternuts with a hammer and enjoying the buttery sweet meat. There were plenty of nuts for both us and the squirrels, so I assume it was a rather old tree. Our current tree is 41 inches in circumference measured one foot off the ground, and stands about 30' tall. It appears to be in good health as I see no evidence of cankers. I've noticed for the past couple of years that it does indeed bear nuts.
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Nominator: Jonathan W. Reed
Location of Tree
County/City: Roanoke
Name of tree owner: Jonathan W. Reed
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