A Remarkable American beech

Tree Information
Common Name: American beech
Scientific name: Fagus grandifolia
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This tree figures prominently in Virginia Beach history. The site where the tree grows, Lawson Hall, was known for a home built by the Lawson family in 1688. The housesite was selected because of two large beech trees, only one of which is now standing. (The other was struck by lighning years ago.) Anthony Lawson, the first Surgeon General of the US, and who served in the War of 1812, owned Lawson Hall and died there in 1861. The property is soon to become a planned community named for Lawson Hall. The tree will remain a focal point, like it was in 1688.
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Tom Gallagher
Location of Tree
County/City: Virginia Beach
Name of tree owner: Tom Gallagher
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