A Remarkable pecan

Tree Information
Common Name: pecan
Scientific name: Carya illinoinensis
Category: Community tree
Notes: The tree has been associated with the property since the family homestead was built in the late 1800's. We are only the second owners of the property. The King family members were successfull merchants having built a large country store next door to the home. Only the wash house remains of the original buildings but the country store, which was built around the same time as the home, was closed in 1935 and has remained untouched inside with merchandise, showcases, etc still on the shelves. It was like opening a time capsule when we moved in. The home, store and tree are all still closely connected to the community and many times during the last year we have had local residents come in and tell stories from personal experience about the store before it closed. The tree helps to complete the story of the property providing a connction to the days when the family moved here from Rock Church, Virginia
Best time to photograph: anytime
Nominator: Jim Halley
Location of Tree
County/City: Brunswick
Name of tree owner: Jim Halley and Huyen Bui
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