A Remarkable white fir

Tree Information
Common Name: white fir
Scientific name: Abies concolor
Category: Unique tree
Notes: This tree was just re-measured (162 points), still in state champion range. Equally significant, is that this rare-for-this-region White Fir is a true "Survivor." First, against the odds, it has stood for decades, just off the sidewalk, at a right angle turn of the busiest two-lane, one-way street thru Manassas, but the tree's bark shows no sign of any collisions despite heavy traffic right by it. It seems to thrive in the obvious exhaust smoke and the attention it receives at this location. Second, it stands only about 20'from a very old house. Presently, the developer of this entire square block has vowed to let the tree rmain in its place even as the house is to moved to the opposite end of the property.
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Nominator: Rod Royse
Location of Tree
County/City: Manassas
Name of tree owner:
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