A Remarkable red maple

Tree Information
Common Name: red maple
Scientific name: Acer rubrum
Category: Old tree
Notes: Mercer Hugh Cosby had the Cosby house built in the 1880's on a 52-acre tract in Henrico County, Virginia. He transplanted two wild Maple saplings in front of the house when it was completed. In 1992, one tree was struck by lightning and had to be removed. This picture was taken April 22, 2007. The tree still stands and has survived many storms over 120 years. The Cosby Farm is significant for its ownership by one African-American family. It is included int the Inventory of Early Architecture, County of Henrico, Virginia.
Best time to photograph: In the morning before 10:00 am and the afternoon after 4:00 pm
Nominator: William D. Cosby, Jr.
Location of Tree
County/City: Henrico
Name of tree owner: Hilda J. Cosby
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