A Remarkable oak

Tree Information
Common Name: oak
Scientific name: Quercus spp.
Category: Historic tree
Notes: These oaks grow at Polegreen Church, where the first non-Anglican minister licensed to preach in Virginia arrived in 1747. A Presbyterian, the pastor made a remarkable contribution to the religious and political climate of the Colony. His achievements included pioneering work to educate black slaves. The classic spiritual, "Lord, I want to be a Christian in my heart" originated at Polegreen. Patrick Henry worshiped here with his mother. During America's Civial War the church was caught in the Confederate defense of Richmond. In an effort to dislodge Union sharpshooters, Confederate artillery fired on the church. According to the diary of William S. White, a gunner with the Richmond Howitzers, his gun fired the shot that set the church ablaze. Ironically, his diary notes that his own father had been baptized in Polegreen Church.
Best time to photograph: Spring
Nominator: Historic Polegreen Church Foundation
Location of Tree
County/City: Hanover
Name of tree owner: Historic Polegreen Church Foundation
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