A Remarkable oak

Tree Information
Common Name: oak
Scientific name: Quercus spp.
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: Whenever I drive to Newport News on 664, I see that huge and beautiful tree growing in the green area inside an on ramp and it makes me smile and my soul is refreshed. It even has a rope hanging from it like kids used it for a swing. I think it is an oak but I've never stopped to walk down to it, but it is striking! See for yourself, you won't be sorry! I'd love to know what kind of tree it is. It also says something about our civilization (VDOT) that they let that tree survive there to continue to grow so big. It might fit in the category of "unique tree" better?
Best time to photograph: anytime, it is big enough to be striking with or without leaves and it has nothing near it to shadow it.
Nominator: Toby Pennell
Location of Tree
County/City: Newport News
Name of tree owner: public area off 664 (VDOT)
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