A Remarkable loblolly pine

Tree Information
Common Name: loblolly pine
Scientific name: Pinus taeda
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: Nicknamed the "Joshua Tree" by an old school legend that a boy named Joshua planted the tree by burying a sunflower seed and dental floss. Obviously this isn't true, but this remarkable tree has been standing for at least two-hundred and fifty years! It has stood ever since the Daniel D. Hershberger/Melvin M. Yoder farm occupied the site. It is without a doubt the oldest pine tree in Kempsville, and one of the oldest in the City of Virginia Beach. It shades the children of Point O' View Elementary School, and provides the school field with a great place for recreation.
Best time to photograph: Any Time
Nominator: John Settle
Location of Tree
County/City: Virginia Beach
Name of tree owner: Point O' View Elementary School
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