A Remarkable cherrybark oak

Tree Information
Common Name: cherrybark oak
Scientific name: Quercus pagoda
Category: Other
Notes: Besides being over 100 years old and enormous, this cherrybark oak holds many wonderful memories. Childhood memories of my father and his farming partner working on their equipment, shelling corn and other farm related tasks. It was also where the annual family bbq hog was slow cooked. Under the shade of it's branches, I watched the Easter lamb purchased from my father being blessed by the Greek Orthodox church. Over the years pieces of metal and even a rubber inner tube have grown into it's base. In the summer time, it's home to rattlesnakes hiding in the thick brush surrounding it's base. Newcomers to the community are asked, "Have you seen the big tree?" Vehicles often slow at my driveway to see the tree. The stories could go on and on. A storm a few years ago took a limb out of the very center which caused it to lose some of it's height. But, no wind could blow away the wonderful memories the tree has made over it's long life for an unknown number of people.
Best time to photograph: Summer or late fall; morning
Nominator: Tracy Pecsek
Location of Tree
County/City: Virginia Beach
Name of tree owner: Tracy and Kelsey Pecsek
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