A Remarkable coast redwood

Tree Information
Common Name: coast redwood
Scientific name: Sequoia sempervirens
Category: Other
Notes: Two beautiful coast redwoods grow near the west side of James Blair dormitory on the William and Mary campus. The bench below them was made by students from wood blown out of the top of one of the trees after hurricane Isabel. These trees, and others on the William and Mary campus, are part of a collection that exemplifies Dr. J. T. Baldwin's belief that "a collection of plants at an academic institution should be comparable to that of a collection of books in the library. They are that important."
Best time to photograph: anytime. The tree is pretty viewed through foliage of nearby weeping willow. Nearby bench (made from the top of one of the trees) is interesting, too.
Nominator: Cannon Binns
Location of Tree
County/City: Williamsburg
Name of tree owner: College of William and Mary
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