A Remarkable Cedar of Lebanon

Tree Information
Common Name: Cedar of Lebanon
Scientific name: Cedrus libani
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: This picturesque tree grows near the far end of the formal garden south of the mansion at Montpelier. This species is said to have provided the timber to build King Solomon's temple. According to Ted Scott, longtime advocate for Montpelier trees, while most of the evergreens at Montpelier date to the duPont era there (which began in 1901), some of the cedars of Lebanon might have been planted during Madison's tenure there. According to Scott, a cedar of Lebanon that went down during a 1994 ice storm had 173 annual rings, which suggests it could have been growing on the property in the late 1820s, about 15 years before Madison's death. Scott, who grew up in the area, also remembers a local legend that holds the largest of the cedars of Lebanon at Monpelier were a gift from France to James Madison, presented by Lafayette during his visit to the estate in 1824.
Best time to photograph: anytime
Nominator: Adam Hugo
Location of Tree
County/City: Orange
Name of tree owner: Montpelier Estate
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Cedar of Lebanon Identification


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