A Remarkable live oak

Tree Information
Common Name: live oak
Scientific name: Quercus virginiana
Category: Unique tree
Notes: When my family first moved back into the area in 1973 the tree in the backyard was pronounced dead. My Mother didn't believe it, she was right this tree covers over half of the back yard at it is absolutely beautiful. Its limbs are spread perfectly, it is so perfect, that it is spectacular. It reaches 50 feet+ into the sky and it spreads about the same in width. It is a unique tree and it is beautiful. It is located right off of shore drive in an area called "Baylake Beach" I don't have a current picture of the tree. But I hope that you will take a look at it. It shouldn't be missed.
No picture has been submitted.
Best time to photograph: spring, summer, fall
Nominator: Linda Proctor Peebles
Location of Tree
County/City: Virginia Beach
Name of tree owner: Linda Peebles
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