A Remarkable China fir

Tree Information
Common Name: China fir
Scientific name: Cunninghamia lanceolata
Category: Champion (big) tree
Notes: This species was discovered in China in 1702 by botanical collector J. Cunningham after whom it is named. A specimen of this tree was transported from Long Island, New York around 1840 by train to the Milford station near Bowling Green, Va. to Dr. Winston Roper who resided in Bowling Green. Originally there were two of these monarchs, but in recent years, only one has survived. During the Civil War, General J.E.B. Stuart's calvary camped on this property and most likely, some camped beneath this very tree. In 1948, The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania printed a story of both China firs in thier Bulletin. At the end they stated "No account of these trees can adequately portray Bowling Green's unique botanical treasure. Surely not the least of the distinctions of this charming community is that it is the enviable possessor and custodian of what are believed to be the largest and finest specimens of this noble species in the United States. Also on May 8,1948 the Free Lance Star in Fredericksburg, Va. published an article and pictures of these trees. In March 1948 the height of this tree was 60 feet,the crown spread 67 feet and the trunk diameter 3 feet above ground was 41.5 inches.
Best time to photograph: Spring-late afternoon
Nominator: Kevin L. and Katherine B. Robinson
Location of Tree
County/City: Caroline
Name of tree owner: Kevin L. and Katherine B. Robinson
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