A Remarkable Osage-orange

Tree Information
Common Name: Osage-orange
Scientific name: Maclura pomifera
Category: Unique tree
Notes: The tree outside of Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy in Old Town Alexandria is remarkable for its location, size, and shape. It's trunk is very big around, and it has an 8-foot-long reclined portion, giving it a unique shape. It is perfect for climbing, and I'm sure many students climb on it during recess. On the day we photographed the tree, a couple of fathers were perched in the tree with their children to watch Alexandria's annual Scottish March parade. The school has recently re-landscaped the Lyles-Crouch schoolyard with the tree as its centerpiece. A row of logs encircle the tree to make an inviting outdoor classroom.
Best time to photograph: Any
Nominator: Nathan Macek
Location of Tree
County/City: Alexandria
Name of tree owner: Alexandria City Public Schools
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Osage-orange Identification


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