A Remarkable shagbark hickory

Tree Information
Common Name: shagbark hickory
Scientific name: Carya ovata
Category: Champion (big) tree
Notes: The tree has a circumference of 129 inches and height around 60-65 feet tall, but the most impressive thing about this hickory is its overall size and spread. A truly remarkable hickory, and without doubt, the largest I've ever seen of the shagbark species. Many folks have commented on the size of it. It probably would not have grown to its size or spread if not for its location, basically by itself on the edge of the pasture. Mr. Jake Edmiston, whom I bought the farm from last year, is 91 years old. He says he remembers this hickory as a unusually large tree even when he was a teenage boy in the early 30s. He also told me that a Ms. Sarah Rowe was killed under the tree in 1926? when she was milking a cow under the tree shortly after a thunderstorm. Lightning struck the cow and ran through to her. The story's not really related to the significance of the tree, but I found it an interesting tale.
Best time to photograph: Late spring or summer ,mid morning or noon
Nominator: Brian Martin
Location of Tree
County/City: Washington
Name of tree owner: Brian Martin and family
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