A Remarkable American beech

Tree Information
Common Name: American beech
Scientific name: Fagus grandifolia
Category: Historic tree
Notes: Located near the banks of Skiffes Creek within the City of Newport News' Watershed, two mature beech trees have carvings dating back to 1862. On May 3-4, 1862, it was reported that Brigadier General J.E.B. Stuart's calvary forces were serving guard, establishing a line of defense along Skiffes Creek. At the base of one of the trees, an 1859 penny was recovered. Although many of the miscellaneous markings are unclear, some alphabet letters are clearly discernable and the year 1862 was clear at the time of discovery by VDOT's archeologists seven years ago. One of the three trees with carvings, fell during Hurricane Isabelle, and its bark/wood is in a severe state of decay. The other two trees are still standing with the historical markings that become more faded with each passing year of growth.
Best time to photograph: morning and afternoon to get all sides of tree
Nominator: Carolyn Fournier
Location of Tree
County/City: Newport News
Name of tree owner: Waterworks Watershed, City of Newport News
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