A Remarkable loblolly pine

Tree Information
Common Name: loblolly pine
Scientific name: Pinus taeda
Category: Historic tree
Notes: A grove of pine trees on the beach at Tangier Island was once the site of camp meetings attended by thousands during a period in U.S. history known as the Great Awakening. When the British army used Tangier as their base of operations in the War of 1812, Joshua Thomas, a local lay preacher, saved the grove from devastation. In 1814 he preached to the British forces and correctly predicted their defeat at Baltimore, an event now commemorated by the Star Spangled Banner. Thomas, who was also known as the Island Preacher, used a hollowed-out loblolly pine to canoe from one island to another, converting many to Methodism. He is buried at Deals Island. Although the trees are now gone from the beach, and less than a dozen mature loblollies can be found on the entire island, this is a scene that may resemble the old camp meeting grounds on Tangier.
Best time to photograph: any
Nominator: Jeff Kirwan
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County/City: Accomack
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