A Remarkable baldcypress

Tree Information
Common Name: baldcypress
Scientific name: Taxodium distichum
Category: Historic tree
Notes: The bald cypress tree on the south shore of the James River at Flowerdew Hundred was cored in October 1992 and was determined to be over 350 years old. This tree was standing at the time of the English Civil War and was documented in a Matthew Brady Company photograph June 1864. See "IV-7 Pontoon bridge over the James River opposite Weyanoke Point, view from the south bank looking eastward, Brady & Co., plate (number unknown), probably June 15, 1864 (MOLLUSS-Mass.)," Frassanito, William A., Grant and Lee: The Virginia Campaigns 1864-1865, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1983. Over 120,000 men crossed via pontoon bridge here and by ferry from Willcox Wharf (Charles City County) to Windmill Point.
Best time to photograph: Seasonal, early afternoon
Nominator: Karen K. Shriver
Location of Tree
County/City: Prince George
Name of tree owner: Family of David A. Harrison III
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