A Remarkable swamp chestnut oak

Tree Information
Common Name: swamp chestnut oak
Scientific name: Quercus michauxii
Category: Champion (big) tree
Notes: This tree is a mammoth in the woods where it grows, just a stone's throw from the Pamunkey River. It is 51 inches in diameter. We first noticed the large acorns in the dirt road as we were hiking, then looked up to see a huge swamp chestnut oak. We tried eating the acorns raw and boiled as it was our Boy Scout Troop's Wilderness Survival Campout. Our scoutmaster took the leftover boiled acorns home and made us a very yummy cake. The flavor of acorns is hard to describe. Books describe swamp chestnut acorns as sweet, but that term must be relative to the bitterness of other species of acorns. Still we are thankful for the nourishment and learning experience that this one tree provided for us.
Best time to photograph: winter so that foliage of understory trees doesn't block view
Nominator: Boy Scout Troop 700
Location of Tree
County/City: Hanover
Name of tree owner: Upton Martin
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swamp chestnut oak Identification


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