A Remarkable oak

Tree Information
Common Name: oak
Scientific name: Quercus spp.
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: The tree I am nominating is an oak. It is as wide as it is tall. It is knotty and beautiful. I have attached a photo that my friend Lora Howard took of the tree for me. I have admired this tree for years and years and I asked my friend Lora, who is a talented photographer, to get a shot of this tree in each of the 4 seasons and I am going to put the photos in mats & frames and adorn my walls at home with photos of this favorite tree of mine. You can tell the beauty of the tree in the attached photo but I feel like the best time of year to see the tree is now, when most of the leaves are gone and the knotty branches can be seen. I am sure this tree has a story- I dont know what it is but something about this tree speaks to me.
Best time to photograph: Winter with snow and ice coverage
Nominator: Stephanie SLocum
Location of Tree
County/City: Floyd
Name of tree owner: Kenneth Nolen
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