A Remarkable Norway maple

Tree Information
Common Name: Norway maple
Scientific name: Acer platanoides
Category: Unique tree
Notes: This persistent artistic tree is remarkable because when we bought and moved to the farm in 1969 this Norway maple was a large tree about 15 feet from the farmhouse. In 1985, we built on a new kitchen. We wanted to save the tree; however, the roots were injured on the kitchen side by the foundation. Over the years one large limb had to be removed as it cracked and might have fallen on the roof. Part of the tree continued to die, but one persistent side has continued to grow while the other side looks like a piece of sculpture. We keep the tree topped to reduce the weight so it will continue to be a unique artistic tree. We receive many comments on the tree as it can easily be seen from the road.
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Ed & Sandy Harlow
Location of Tree
County/City: Augusta
Name of tree owner: Ed & Sandy Harlow
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