A Remarkable eastern white pine

Tree Information
Common Name: eastern white pine
Scientific name: Pinus strobus
Category: Historic tree
Notes: My tree is special for many reasons. It is located on my grandmother's farm in Glade Spring. The tree is a Eastern White Pine and has stood for many years beside an old brick house that was built before the Cival War. The house was built by Col. Byars who also built Brook Hall. The tree was probably planted in the early 1800s. It measured more than 80 feet high before a windstorm broke off the top of the tree. When I look at the tree I think of the people who cared fo rthe land. Many of them were slaves. It is hard to imagine this tree being a seed because the tree has been towering over the farm since before I was born.
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Rebecca Wilson
Location of Tree
County/City: Washington
Name of tree owner: Rosamond Rosenbaum
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