A Remarkable sassafras

Tree Information
Common Name: sassafras
Scientific name: Sassafras albidum
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This ancient sassafras measures 18 feet in circumference and has been part of our farm's landscape for 5 generations. It stands in a field near an old barn where the current owner's great uncle, as a young boy in May of 1864, cautiously watched as civil war soldiers marched down the valley pike. Later in the day, as he helped with farm chores in and around the barn, he heard the cannons booming in the distance as the battle of New Market raged. As a grown man, 50 years later, while working in the field, he heard the cannons once again during the first sham battle at New Market. The sassafras also has a unique growth that is shaped like the head of a huge serpent peering out from a hole in the massive trunk.
Best time to photograph: fall, mid-morning to early evening
Nominator: Anne Dellinger
Location of Tree
County/City: Shenandoah
Name of tree owner: Virginia Myers
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