A Remarkable white ash

Tree Information
Common Name: white ash
Scientific name: Fraxinus americana
Category: Historic tree
Notes: Everyone who visits our home, Cartersville Tavern, in Cumberland County, most always comments on "that tree". "That tree", we think, is an ash, is enormous, and has the most wonderful crook in it. We hear, "If only trees could talk..." a lot. The WPA (1934) stated that many notgable people stayed at our tavern, which at one time was Palmer's Tavern, and then later renamed. Robert E. Lee, for just a year following the Civil War, lived at nearby "Derwent". He received his mail at the post office at Palmer's Tavern. No doubt "Traveler", his horse, was probably taken care of in the livery stable, located near "the tree". "Drummers", or traveling salesmen, spent many evenings drinking whiskey in the English basement, located beside the tree. Mr. Palmer's daughter fell in love with a soldier in the Civil War and married him. Chances are the tree witnessed their courtship. We would like to think so. Our tree is fabulous.
Best time to photograph: late spring/early summer 3:00 pm
Nominator: Janie and Newc Newcomb
Location of Tree
County/City: Cumberland
Name of tree owner: as above
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