A Remarkable American sycamore

Tree Information
Common Name: American sycamore
Scientific name: Platanus occidentalis L.
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This Bicentennial Sycamore is revered on the Eastern Shore of Virginia as it was planted in 1776. A bronze plaque is nestled at its base among the start of its roots. It is located in the town of Accomac on Back Street, which many consider the most beautiful street on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Although this street contains many historic homes with massive old trees, the Bicentennial Sycamore is so large that it demands your attention. DBH 77" Circum. 20'6" Crown Spread 100"3" measured by Robbie Lewis and Donnie Davis (DOF Rangers) on 9/15/06
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Tamsey Ellis
Location of Tree
County/City: Accomack
Name of tree owner: Bonnie Wesscott
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