A Remarkable pecan

Tree Information
Common Name: pecan
Scientific name: Carya illinoiensis
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This large pecan is now nearly 130" tall in spring bloom and measures 15' 2"in circum.(at DBH). It sits on the former estate of Col. George Eskridge, Mary Ball Washington's guardian. She stayed at Sandy Point, was married to Augustine Washington there in March 1731, and George Washington visited there during his early youth. A largely original 18th Cent. The meathouse still stands on what became known as the "White House" lot. The tree is the tallest seen from the channel of the Potomac (St. Marys Co.,MD for that matter) for miles. It is beautiful and durable, having withstood numerous major storms without substantial limb loss. Less then 5 miles away is Old Yecomico Church( curr. bldg. is 1706; church at site since 1655). This is where Eskridge attended, was a leader; the Washingtons attended here. Is Va & Nat'l Hist. Landmark. Figured in two wars. More can be provided. Tech dendrologist suspects DNA with large tree at Mt.Vernon would match up. Fits other categories above, other than the selected one.
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Best time to photograph: late Spring , 2-4 PM
Nominator: Lynn C. Brownley
Location of Tree
County/City: Westmoreland
Name of tree owner: Ruth H. Brownley ( my Mom)
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