A Remarkable pecan

Tree Information
Common Name: pecan
Scientific name: Carya illinoenensis
Category: Old tree
Notes: Just the height and expanse of this venerable old pecan is breathtaking. I have a lot of respect for this long lived icon of its type. With a girth of approximate 15 feet and an crown diameter of approximately 124 feet it has withstood many severe coastal storms over the years. The worst was hurrican Agnes in the 1970's, which tore a main trunk. It was left lop sided but due to some inexplicalbe template mandated by nature it has sprouted limbs and leaves over the years to make itself perfectly proportate and beautiful again. It still bears a full crop of pecans every fall. Fruit and nut trees are more slow growing than other hardwoods and every time I look at this tree I just wonder when it was planted and who planted it. A clue to these questions could be sitting adjacent to and behind our specimen. Our tree is in front of an historic home in Lancaster County, Virgina dating back to mid 18th century and comes with a strong history of being in the Hubbard family, a family promenent in the community dating back to the Revolutionaly War. We love our tree . It is pretty well hidden from public view situated up a long county lane off Route 647 surrounded on three side by the Chesapeake Bay, Dymer Creek and Apple Grove Cove. The artist William Merrit Chase lived nearby for awhile. Chases Road and Chases Cove are named after his family. I would like to share the beauty of this awsome tree with all Virginians and Americans.
Best time to photograph: anytime
Nominator: Ron and Margaret Thomas
Location of Tree
County/City: Lancaster
Name of tree owner: Ron and Margaret Thomas
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