A Remarkable American holly

Tree Information
Common Name: American holly
Scientific name: Ilex opaca
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This tree is growing in a Revolutionary War-era cemetery, in Alexandria, a colonial seaport community. It is known as Christ Church Cemetery. Christ Church, where George Washington attended, is nearby. Parts of the churchyard were excavated by Alexandria Archaeology in 1985 and 1986. There are many more graves than headstones. At least 396 unmarked graves date from 1787 to 1796, with 174 of them for children. An estimated 540 additional unmarked graves are attributed to years for which burial records are missing. Archaeologists found that none of the graves they uncovered aligned with an existing headstone and none of the extant headstones in the construction area had an associated grave. Graves were not dug in straight rows as in later cemeteries. For more information see: http://oha.ci.alexandria.va.us/oha-main/oha-cemeteries-oldtown.html.
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Nominator: Rod Simmons
Location of Tree
County/City: Alexandria
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