A Remarkable common pear

Tree Information
Common Name: common pear
Scientific name: Pyrus communis
Category: Unique tree
Notes: We discovered this tree in 1964 while visiting an old home site that was now a returning forest. We visited this tree many times throughout the years, taking others to see this remarkable tree. One year it was discovered that a very large bear had climbed the tree and broken most of the side fruit bearing limbs off, a pathetic sight, assuming the tree was doomed. Years later we revisited the site expecting to find just the skeleton of the dead tree. We were amazed and delighted to see that this tree had resurrected itself and had grown a fine new set of fruit bearing branches and was again loaded with fruit. It would be difficult to get far enough away from this tree to get a good photo due to the dense growth all around it. DBH 49.2 cm. (Note: Darwin Lambert was the first employee of Shendendoah National Park, and is a noted author about the Park.)
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Darwin and Eileen Lambert
Location of Tree
County/City: Page
Name of tree owner: Shenandoah National Park
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