A Remarkable sugar maple

Tree Information
Common Name: sugar maple
Scientific name: Acer saccharum
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: These two beautiful maple trees were planted fifteen years ago by my grandfather. There were originally three, but one died. The two living appear as one tree when you look at the tops of them. Upon a closer look at the bottoms, you see that there are two trees. There is a brick cookout area near the trees and our family gathers at least once a month to have a cookout and sit under the trees visiting. The bottom picture shows our latest cookout September 17, 2006, enjoying the shade from the maples, for my grandmothers 84th birthday on September 20, 2006.
Best time to photograph: anytime
Nominator: Tracey Sherman
Location of Tree
County/City: Montgomery
Name of tree owner: Gertrude Sowers
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