A Remarkable southern catalpa

Tree Information
Common Name: southern catalpa
Scientific name: Catalpa bignonioides
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This nomination is for two trees, standing side by side, as though they have helped one another through so much adversity. These Catalpas are located at Chatham Manor in southern Stafford County, along the northern border of Fredericksburg, Virginia and the Rappahannock River. Chatham was built between 1768-1771, and it is believed that these two trees were planted between 1810-1820. During the Civil War battle of 1863, Chatham was used as the Union Headquarters while Fredericksburg was attacked and besieged. Soldiers tried to burn down these two trees, leaving scarred stumps in their wake after the battle. Yet the trees survived, and still stand and thrive today.
Best time to photograph: Late afternoon to early evening
Nominator: Karen J. Allen
Location of Tree
County/City: Stafford
Name of tree owner: US Parks
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southern catalpa Identification


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