A Remarkable live oak

Tree Information
Common Name: live oak
Scientific name: Quercus virginiana
Category: Community tree
Notes: There is a stand of sixteen live oak trees located along the west side of Warwick Blvd in Newport News, Virginia, on the property of Mariners' Museum. It is complemented by an additional seventeen live oaks located immediately across Warwick Blvd in Boulevard Park. All of these trees were planted in 1953. Plans developed in 2002 for the widening of Warwick Blvd called for the removal of twelve of the Mariners' Museum live oaks. Strong, sustained advocacy by local residents coupled with support from the city and museum convinced Department of Transportation officials to modify the plans and save as many of the live oaks as possible. In the end, only five trees were cut down, and one was moved by volunteer contractors.
Best time to photograph: summer at noon
Nominator: Elizabeth D. Barnwell
Location of Tree
County/City: Newport News
Name of tree owner: Mariners' Museum
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