A Remarkable slippery elm

Tree Information
Common Name: slippery elm
Scientific name: Ulmus rubra
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: This tree is visible in the landscape for quite a distance, and, as it stands alone, it is quite striking when viewed. It has a beautiful shape and a commanding presence as it towers over the outbuildings of our property. Our tree is less than 50 years old. It's size may be due to the effects of the outhouse that resides beneath it. It is also adjacent to a building which was at one time, and is again, a chicken coop. This lovely tree provides shade for our animals, a place for our children to hang their swinging rope, and a spectacular view for us to enjoy at any time of the year. Approximately 5 years ago, before this tree belonged to us, our beautiful specimen was slated to be cut down. The man weilding the chainsaw refused to cut it on the grounds that it would fall on the garage. Fortunately, his bent toward safety is our gain! Our tree was planted by the former owner of our property, "Pop" Shull. All of the information we've received about the tree has been given to us by his son, Ralph Shull.
Best time to photograph: anytime of day/summer
Nominator: Scott and Dixie Stromberg
Location of Tree
County/City: Augusta
Name of tree owner: Scott and Dixie Stromberg
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slippery elm Identification


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