A Remarkable eastern redcedar

Tree Information
Common Name: eastern redcedar
Scientific name: Juniperus virginiana
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This 350+ year old eastern red cedar is remarkable for its size, condition and location. So large that it could not be photographed in one frame, this lovely tree possesses wonderful symmetry and is without dead spots. Gracing the south lawn of "Mansfield," a c. 1710 manor home in Dinwiddie County, this tree predates the manor home. Home to Roger Atkinson, a prominent Virginia planter and signer of the Declaration of Independence, "Mansfield" also figured in the Dread Scott case. Mary Todd Lincoln's dressmaker (later President Lincoln's congressional aide) was a slave there. General James Longstreet courted his wife, sister of Robert E. Lee, there and so on and so forth. Hugh Garland, biographer of William Randolph of Roanoke lived there. "Mansfield" was once an 1100 acre working plantation. The home is on the state and national registries.
Best time to photograph: Anytime
Nominator: Carla T. Takacs
Location of Tree
County/City: Dinwiddie
Name of tree owner: Christopher T. Takacs
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