A Remarkable southern red oak

Tree Information
Common Name: southern red oak
Scientific name: Quercus falcata
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: This is a beautiful and old tree. Our grandparents, Jesse and Lottie A. Coffey, had a barn under it in the 1940's and 50's. The tree was huge then. In the latter 1970's, when our parents had the farm, a tornado swished by and took down the barn, leaving the tree. Now, our dear, sweet parents are gone and I see that beautiful tree as a strong symbol of family love passed down from our dear grandparents, strong and sure, as well as one of many measures of natures beauty and magnificence!
Best time to photograph: Anytime and any season with leaves
Nominator: Samuel Edmund Coffey
Location of Tree
County/City: Bedford
Name of tree owner: Children of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. Coffey (Jesse R.,
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southern red oak Identification


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