A Remarkable copper beech

Tree Information
Common Name: copper beech
Scientific name: Fagus sylvatica
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: This fine speciman is located in Staunton at the home of Jack Coward and Carol Shannon, 1315 North Augusta Street. To the best of their knowledge it was planted in the mid 1940's and was about 5 feet tall when planted. Jack has measured it 2 feet off the ground and it is about 13.5 feet in girth. He also has estimated the canopy to be roughly 66 feet wide and about 66 feet high. This is a wonderful tree, very visible and enjoyed by the community.
Best time to photograph: afternoon
Nominator: Deedy Bumgardner
Location of Tree
County/City: Staunton
Name of tree owner: Jack Coward & Carol Shannon
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