A Remarkable southern red oak

Tree Information
Common Name: southern red oak
Scientific name: Quercus falcata
Category: Historic tree
Notes: Under this tree, a slave woman named Rosa served lemonade to Jeb Stuart. The Duckhardt family purchased the 130-acre property in the 1870s. Don Duckhardt, grandson of the then-owner, grew up on the property. The family home sat back on the property about 75 feet from the old oak tree and the slave quarters were on a hill behind the house. Rosa, the elderly slave woman who served Stuart, was 94 when she told her story to Don Duckhardt. According to Duckhardt, people coming to Richmond with mules and wagons used to stop at "Duckhardt Hill" on their way to the city, and there they would get food and water. Rosa told Don Duckhardt that Jeb Stuart once stopped by and drank lemonade under the old oak tree because he was inspecting the fortifications in the back grove (the trenches protecting Richmond ran in back of the property).
Best time to photograph: morning
Nominator: Don Duckhardt
Location of Tree
County/City: Henrico
Name of tree owner: Sargeant Reynolds
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