A Remarkable English yew

Tree Information
Common Name: English yew
Scientific name: Taxus baccata
Category: Historic tree
Notes: The old English Yew at the Custis Site at Colonial Williamsburg may be our only living representative of the 18th century. We know that John Custis (1678 - 1749) grew yews on this property from several different sources, the first coming in a 1717 order he places with the London firm of Perry, Lane & Perry: "I have lately got into the vein of gardening and have made a handsome garden to my house and desire you will lay out 5£ for me in handsome striped hollys and yew trees." John Bartram visited John Custis in 1739 and wrote: "I saw in friend Custice garden some fine yew trees." Local legend has it that the tree was planted by Martha Washington, John's daughter-in-law but this is doubtful. It is entirely hollow so there is no way to date it, but it may very well have been planted in the 18th century
Best time to photograph: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, or call for different time.
Nominator: Wesley Greene
Location of Tree
County/City: Williamsburg
Name of tree owner: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
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