A Remarkable American sycamore

Tree Information
Common Name: American sycamore
Scientific name: Platanus occidentalis
Category: Other
Notes: This tree fits most of the other categories. It is a very old tree that is on historic property. It is both beautiful and has an unusual shaped place which has been the favorite setting spot of children for years. The roots are an interesting shape and have hollow places which house water, snakes and baby rabbits from time to time. In 1978 the tree was listed as a Notable Tree. This tree has also been the subject of many paintings and the source for the most recent name of the tavern it stands beside. It along with a couple of other sycamore trees just about as impressive have provided shade for children's story time, history camp, special events, weddings and receptions. This is all just the most resent history.
Best time to photograph: Most any time of the day, later afternoon best. Spring season.
Nominator: The Children of the Sycamore Tavern/Page Library History Camp
Location of Tree
County/City: Hanover
Name of tree owner: Hanover County, VA and is leased to
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